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Museveni threatens new lockdown, to fine Corona offenders –

Museveni threatens new lockdown, to fine Corona offenders

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President Museveni has threatened to impose a total lockdown if Ugandans don’t follow his directives on prevention of Covid19.

He said instead of arresting people who violate Covid-19 rules to fill up jails, they will pay.

Those who don’t comply will be fined in monetary terms.

The secretary for treasury will issue statutory instruments.

“They give you a ticket and you pay in the bank. We don’t want our people to touch that money.”

New measures

  1. All schools and institutions of learning have been closed for 42 days and all teachers should get compulsory vaccination before opening.
  2. All places of worship have been closed for 42 days.
  3. All Public and cultural gatherings including conferences are suspended for 42 days.
  4. Travel to banned countries remain restricted.
  5. Agricultural activities should continue as usual.
  6. Shopping malls, factories and supermarkets can continue operating
  7. Taxi parks, markets, and big farms can operate with strict S.O.Ps.
  8. Marriage ceremonies and social gatherings are banned except for 20 people only.
  9. House parties are banned.
  10. Number of persons at burial should not exceed 20 people.
  11. Weekly markets are banned for 42 days.
  12. Cattle markets are banned for 42 days.
  13. public transport, buses and taxes between districts are banned.
    All inter district travel is banned for 42 days.
  14. Cargo tracks, essential and emergency transport is allowed.
  15. Travel within a district is allowed.
  16. Cargo trucks are only allowed to carry two people.
  17. Food markets continue to operate.
  18. Bars, cinemas, and disco remain closed
  19. Sporting activities can continue but without spectators
  20. Public places should have strict sops
  21. Public places should have some one in charge to enforce sops
  22. Private vehicles should not carry more 3 people
  23. Inter-district travel also banned for private vehicles
  24. Ambulance and security vehicles allowed to move normally
  25. Shopping mall, and hardware shops allowed to operate with sops and close at 7PM.
  26. Saloons allowed to operate with sops
  27. Lodges allowed to operate without bars
  28. Factories are allowed to operate with Sops
  29. construction cites allowed to operate
  30. cargo tracks allowed to cross to neighboring countries
    30.Boda are allowed to operate up to 6 PM
  31. Curfew time remains at 9PM
  32. Failure to comply will attack a fine but not jail.
  33. All these directives take immediate effect from tomorrow Monday 7th of June.

The president said if these measures aren’t followed, he will enforce a total lockdown.

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