Uganda’s future is very bright- Museveni


The NRM Presidential flagbearer, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has assured the people of Karamoja and Uganda at large that based on the development progress of the country, he is more than confident that the future is bright.

While addressing a scientific gathering of Karamoja party leaders and flagbearers at Mayor’s Gardens in Kotido, the President noted that the NRM government had put in place deliberate policies that have seen the country gunner several achievements during his leadership.

“We have achieved a lot using the tax we get from investors, what will happen when we have our oil money? Therefore, the future of Uganda is very bright, just vote NRM and the rest shall fall into place,” Museveni said.

He scoffed at the agitators of development who have tried to hinder the progress of the country calling upon them to desist from their doings else risking the strong arm of the law.

“We are not hoping to tolerate anybody to delay our progress because we have come from far. The achievements of the people of Uganda are achievements from sacrifice and a lot of work in harsh circumstances,” Museveni noted.


On electricity, the president noted that the government had extended electricity to most of the sub-counties in the country and revealed that plans were underway to cover all the remaining ones without electricity.

“We have got a plan with the Chinese and Malaysians to extend power to all electricity to the remaining sub-counties in the country that aren’t yet connected to the national grid.” the President said.

On roads, Museveni said that government had finalised with plans of upgrading the Moroto – Kabong – Kidepo road to asphalt.

He further said that the government was also in advanced plans of constructing a road linking the country to Ethiopia through South Sudan.

“We have a lot of commodities such as sugar, salt and milk here, where shall we sell them? We hear there is too much demand in South Ethiopia, we want to construct that road through South Sudan to Ethiopia,” he explained.



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