Twitter erupts as Besigye attacks NBS, sparks #boycottNbstv hashtag


Opposition figure Kizza Besigye Wednesday lost his cool after one of the best television stations in the country ignored the brutal arrest of presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

“MEDIA BLACKOUT of what’s been taking place in Kampala after arrest of presidential candidate Hon Kyagulanyi is very OMINOUS!” Besigye said.

With several people confirmed dead and tension mounting, NBS Tv is broadcasting LIVE Museveni’s campaign in Moroto.

“Others are playing music or doing their normal programs!” Besigye was alarmed.


He said the NRM/M7 Junta-controlled media isn’t accessible to most candidates and, yet, the Junta decreed that candidates can’t hold rallies.

“They’re supposed to campaign in 146 Districts (351 parliamentary constituencies) in only 60 days!!”

Besigye’s criticism sparked a social media frenzy in which Ugandans attacked NBS for selective reporting.

They crafted a #boycottNbstv hashtag which is still trending on twitter.

“Scientific” Campaigns?? Some will be protected and funded with taxpayers money; while, others will be ruthlessly CRUSHED and humiliated in front of their supporters, he said.

Besigye said President Museveni’s “MADNESS” may kill many during ongoing election.

This is what Museveni, himself, said on 11th May 2020:

“To have elections when the virus is still there will be madness. Countries like Iran went on with the elections when the virus was still around and it caused a lot of problems. It is very dangerous.”

This changed on realising that a delay of the election meant his current (stolen) term expiring, hence being required to vacate his office, Besigye pointed out.

“Moreover, he’d violently changed Uganda’s Constitution to enable him continue to hold onto power after 35 years in office!”

He said it’s not possible to have a “scientific election” in a country where even radio sets aren’t widely available in homes.

“Among M7’s false (and I’ll-conceived) Covid19 response promises was to buy a radio set for every home! There’s no grid power supply to 70% of Uganda’s homes; less than 20% access TVs; and only 13% can access the internet!”

That’s why the Minister of Health was a prominent early violator of her COVID SOPs, while mobilising in her constituency; NRM primaries totally ignored the SOPs; and the general election campaigns can’t pretend to be guided by SOPs.

“The only guilty party is Mr M7’s insatiable greed for power.”

He said Hon Watongola died of Covid19, joining several others who’d been active in NRM primary elections.



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