Protest at Nalufenya as Bobi Wine fans face off with military


Protest at Nalufenya as Bobi Wine fans face off with military

Tensions are high in Jinja city as National Unity Platform supporters demand the release of Bobi Wine.

The NUP presidential candidate is detained at Nalufenya police station.

He has refused to record a statement or sign a police bond without his lawyers.

NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi said they went to Nalufenya to see if they can get access to their Presidential candidate and establish the state in which he is.


There are several youth protesting on various roads demanding for the release of Hon. Kyagulanyi.

“Clearly these acts of brutality only strengthen our resolve.”

“Since yesterday, police and the army have denied us access to our Presidential candidate, saying they await orders,” Ssenyonyi noted.

There is no word abt whether or not he will be taken to court and ‘we don’t know the state he is in’.

“We’ll keep here till they give us information.”

More than 24 hours after his brutal arrest and detention in Nalufenya, Bobi Wine has been denied access to his lawyers and his medical team.

Only army and police officers have access to him.

“The violation of his rights with impunity must be condemned by all persons of good conscience.”

NUP said while Bobi Wine is still in jail, the regime accuses him of holding big meetings and processions.

“On the other hand, Gen. Museveni continues to hire crowds to hold processions and rallies everywhere! The regime is in so much panic. COVID is an excuse.”



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