Police fills Bobi Wine’s lungs with teargas in Iganga, Bugiri towns


Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine woke up early on Tuesday morning to “workout to remove teargas from my lungs”.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate first clashed with security Monday in Mayuge town.

“They tried to kill us but we are living longer , they tried to weaken us but we are stronger by the grace of God,” he said.

From Mayuge, Bobi Wine headed to Iganga town where he thanked supporters “for braving the intimidation, the beatings, the harassment, the teargas, the bullets and coming in large numbers to show the whole world that you’re ready to remove the dictator with us”.


“Please do the same come the voting day. Next stop; Bugiri. “

Bobi Wine said after he received a massive welcome from the people of Mayuge and Iganga, a one Frank Mwesigwa (yes, that one) decided to illegally block his scheduled campaign meeting in Bugiri.

He ordered the visibly hungry and miserable police officers and UPDF sodiers to tear gas and beat innocent citizens.

“Many people who were already at the venue of our meeting were arrested while many were wounded.”

“We continue to put these brutal officers on notice. There will be a time when you will personally answer for all these crimes that you are committing in the name of maintaining Museveni’s life presidency.”

He consequently did not address the people of Bugiri but the welcome received from them was satisfying enough.

“They can do whatever but the revolution is irreversible.”

Mwesigwa is the former Kampala Metropolitan Police commander.



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