Lira: Amuriat attends mass barefooted as Museveni meeting flops


Presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat Sunday attended mass at Uganda Martyrs Cathedral, Lira.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President was barefooted, which has become his campaign trademark.

He ought to have picked up some social distancing tips from the church arrangement.

POA later danced with his supporters at Ayabi town Council on his way to Kwania District.

Amuriat in church

From Punautar, Ayabi to Omwono then to Amunu through Maluzi to Corner Amii and Ibuje, the Villager spent his weekend with fellow villagers brainstorming on how to Build a new Uganda.

Museveni meeting flops

On the same day, candidate Museveni was expected in Lira city again to address the youth leaders of Lango region.

The meeting flopped first time during his visit early this week as the youth were said not to have undergone COVID -19 screening.

The youth, however, allege the issue of non-screening was a ploy by some unnamed officials to block the president from meeting them.

There is generally a lot of bickering among local politicians of Lango all aiming at catching the president’s eye in terms of controlling the campaign cash.

“If not crosschecked in time, this is bound to cost Candidate Museveni votes in the entire Lango Sub Region,” a source said.



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