You won’t become rich by witchcraft, says Museveni


The NRM Presidential Candidate Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni has called on NRM leaders to rally people into production and wealth creation at family level if the country is to eradicate poverty.

Museveni addressed the NRM leaders Saturday afternoon in Moyo drawn from the districts of Moyo, Obongi and Adjumani.

Emphasizing the key message of wealth creation, the President, whose speech was interrupted by sudden heavy downpour, said that Ugandans are not going to get prosperity by witchcraft or praying for miracle money in churches, but by hard work with the right calculation of not only working for the stomach but also for the pockets.

“Having stabilized the politics by restoring peace as a result of a strong Army, and laying a firm foundation for economic development, the biggest struggle we have now is rallying people to work for the pockets. Most people have been working only for the stomach, which is not sustainable, because you need money to live a good life and do other things which the government cannot do for you,” he said.


“The government can immunise your children, build schools and educate your children, but you shouldn’t expect the same government to buy for you bedsheets or meat on Sunday, this you must do yourself.”

The President said that in 2006, the NRM government launched the campaign of prosperity-for-all which has awakened most Ugandans into wealth-generating activities.

“I started moving around the country awakening the sleeping Ugandans while demonstrating that they could do projects on a four-acre piece of land. Most of our people are small-hold farmers who aren’t in the money economy; some of them have heeded this call and doing well,” said the NRM Candidate who further elaborated that he started mobilising communities to work for the pockets when he was a student in 1966.



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