Teargas as police blocks Amuriat in Lira city


There was a fracas on Saturday as security forces blocked Patrick Amuriat from campaigning in Lira city.

The Villager and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate was intercepted by police before he could even enter the city.

“Don’t touch me. I am not going to take your orders”, the Villager protested, pointing at police.

“Follow the patrol car to your venue. Less of that, we are going to use other methods,” Police officer to FDC presidential nominee Amuriat as police in Lira fired teargas to disperse crowds loyal to the barefooted ‘villager’.


Amuriat ordered the police to back off as they followed him in Lango.

Kizza Besigye’s aide Ronald Muhinda claimed that police intended to steal Amuriat’s shirt this time round.

“They stole the shoes in Kampala. Now what do you think they want to steal?”

In Kampala, POA was terrorized by Epedu and in Lira, he is terrorized by Mugerwa, Muhinda noted.

“We are all captives. We must fight like POA to free ourselves.”

Earlier, Amuriat paid homage to 139 people who were massacred by the insurgency between UPDF and Lords Resistance Army rebels at Abia in Aleptong.

In 2004, an IDP camp at Abia was attacked and over 139 people were massacred with only one child survivor.

Akulo Eveline the only survivor is now 19 years old and dreams of being a Fashion designer.

The party chairman Amb. Waswa Birigwa has pledged to surport her and pay for her school fees.




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