Retired deputy IGP dissects Museveni Lango cattle compensation plan


Good evening members of Lango Economic.

I read something about cattle compensation being stated by the President and which resulted into serious discussions.

To me I think that you need correct facts about what to say.

This is a matter that was resolved by court in 2014 and concluded as follows in a judgement by Justice SIMON BYABAKAMA MUGENYI.


Total loses:
1) Lango people who lost were 69,000
2) Cattle lost were 1,100,055
3) Goats, sheep and pigs were 796,377.

Decision of court judgement for compensation were as follows:
1) Each goat and sheep to be UGX 150,000/
2) Each pig to be UGX 250,000/
3) Each cow to be UGX 900,000/
4) Overall cost to be paid to Lango claimants was UGX 1.9 trillion.
5) That for all the disturbance and expenses which every individual Lango claimants met, would be paid UGX 5,000,000/

6) And that if there would be delay in making payment a 25℅ interest would be levied.

This is the position of what should be followed or discussed or be responded to by the government of Uganda.

But I was very much surprised to hear yesterday that HE the President while campaigning in Lira informed Lango people that he was going to pay only UGX 50 billion.

I think that the president doest know what he is saying. In the first place the UGX 50 billion is just 0.26℅ of the total cost even without including the individual 5 million and interests.

In January 2019 the president talked about this compensation while in Gulu where he said the money to pay Lango claimants was diverted to do urgent development matters.

So let us discuss this matter to the conclusion and let government commit the payments in a budget framework of 2021/2022 like all other depts. Lango war claim is now official matter for government of Uganda to address but not to be taken as an election gift or presidential plage.

If that money is not there, the hand shake of 50 billion might cost him the elections.

Thank you.


Julius Peter Odwe is retired Deputy IGP.



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