You don’t need to love me, trust me- Muntu


Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party Presidential Candidate, Gen Mugisha Muntu is campaigning in Rubirizi, Bushenyi and Sheema.

Gen.Mugisha Muntu and team Friday opened ANT offices in Katerera Constituency in Rubirizi.

On Thursday, Muntu finished his campaign meeting in Rushenyi constituency.

Next stop was Rwampara, and lastly Mitooma.


“Ugandans don’t need to love me in order to give me their vote. They only need to trust me because I can be trusted,” he said.

“I am a confident human being, I don’t do things because I want the people to love me.
I do things in a transparent manner for people to trust me.”

He went on: “I never get corrupted by titles or money. I have had an opportunity to command an army of 100,000 soldiers, that didn’t change my character and the way I do things.”

If people are equal before God, how can they fail to be equal before human beings? Muntu wondered.



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