KCB Bank partners with Stabex to launch a digital card payment option


KCB Bank in partnership with Stabex International have launched a partnership intended to enhance the customer experience as they access the bank’s digital banking services at Stabex fuel stations.

There is an increased uptake of digital banking products which is greatly influenced by innovations and technology that have enabled the developments of the alternative banking platforms beyond the banking halls, with real time banking experience.

While launching the KCB Visa Card, Edgar Byamah, Managing Director at KBC Bank remarked, “There is a great shift towards the digital banking platforms which has necessitated us to be agile through innovation and development of products that directly speak to our customers need, hence this partnership with Stabex International is timely as it will see our customers access the services with the desired banking experience.”

He further mentioned that, “At KCB Bank, we believe in local businesses, their growth and making sure they go ahead to meet both bottom line and top line set objectives. Having formed partnerships across the region and across multiple sectors, the Stabex International partnership is special to us because it allows us to deliver our simple, friendly and optimistic service to our customers, outside the banking halls.”


“The KCB Visa Card is a globally accepted form of payment, and with the current state of the novel coronavirus devastating the global economy, it is key that we facilitate the observation and curbing the COVID-19 spread through products that support cashless transactions,” Byamah concluded.

Stabex International Company Secretary, Kafeero Isaac noted that, “Our collaboration dates as far as 2010 since we set up shop, and through this this partnership we have seen seasoned growth and uptake of our services, which achievement wouldn’t be possible if we dint have such collaborations.”

KCB Bank customers with the Visa Card will be able to conduct daily transactions like; fueling at Stabex petrol stations across the country, Shopping at retail outlets including; Supermarkets, Restaurants among other, Online purchases and transaction among many other.



  1. Some body tell me “Who is the “BIG Man” behind all the many mushrooming STABEX Fuel Stations along Entebbe Road we hear Salim Saleh, then Ruto’s son, what is the truth! Time Bomb though!


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