God sent me to liberate Uganda, says Kabuleta


Independent presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta spent Friday campaigning in Zombo district.

He was welcomed in the town mainly by elderly women, a few men and children.

“Thank you Zombo for the hospitality and for embracing our message of financial liberation.”

The 25kms from Nebbi should have been paved ages ago for such a strong border trading hub, he said.


“My government will promptly address that and embark on improving literacy and robust poverty eradication projects in the area.”

“I am coming to Ugandans selling them my plan to address their issues,” he said on Thursday.

“I want them to vote for me because they love themselves enough to want a better life for themselves.”

Kabuleta said he has studied these issues and believe God sent him to deliver Ugandans from economic oppression.

“We all deserve better because the resources are there but poorly and selfishly managed.”

“Unless you are part of the ruling class or loosely affiliated to them in some way, you know what this regime has done to your financial well-being.”

“You owe it to yourself to aspire for better and vote the person who will make that happen for you and your family.”

Addressing Gulu residents at Bomah Hotel on Monday November 9, Kabuleta said once elected President, he will overhaul President Yoweri Museveni’s government, arguing that Uganda is bleeding so badly.

“I am not promising an improvement on the Museveni government. I am promising a complete overhaul of the Museveni system, what I call Musevenism,” he added.

Kabuleta said he has come with a message of financial liberation that comes with the will of his government to actually see Ugandans prosper.

He said the ruling government is not helping people get land titles, but his administration will help solve such a problem.

“Within six months of my election, the government will facilitate a process of titling land and for those with issues, the matters will also be solved within six months through district courts,” he pledged.

He explained that with northern Uganda having fertile land, people just need to have resources to put the land to proper use, which will also eliminate the lack of jobs.

“My plan is to put farmers in groups at regional level and revive co-operatives so that people can have money in their pockets,” he added.

Kabuleta said even if he is a pastor, he will not sugar-coat his speeches on issues that affect people’s lives.

“I’m a presidential candidate, not a pastor. I have to voice issues as they are,” Kabuleta emphasised while responding to a concern that was raised by one of the local pastors at the launch.



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