Amuriat visits Obalanga mass grave of 365 LRA victims


On Friday morning, FDC President Patrick Oboi AMuriat (POA) and his entourage received blessings from his parents; Papa John Amuriat and Mrs Nansubuga Amuriat before setting off for campaigns.

This was at their home in Soroti City before conclusion of his campaign Expedition in Teso Sub Region with Kaberamaido.

“Our message is a message of change and we shall deliver it village to village across this country,” he said on Thursday.

The Villager was meeting fellow Villagers in Kapelebyong district.


POA reached Obalanga Mass grave to pay tribute to over 365 people who lost their lives to UPDF and LRA clashes.

They are buried at Obalanga.

Justice and Reconciliation is critical third point of the FDC/PG Transitional plan, he said.

“The New Uganda we intend to Build will give justice to people that lost lives in these atrocities.”

From Orungo Amuria District, the blue team headed for Kalaki District and POA met people in Anyara and Abalang T/C.

He asked the people of Kalaki to only vote the Key and make sure they vote Asao Suzan and Eliau Danis as their MPS so that they get a team that can bring back the pride of Teso.



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