Candidate Mayambala runs out of fuel, jumps on a safe boda


There was a comic scene Thursday when Independent presidential candidate Willy Mayambala ran out of fuel on a campaign trail.

Mayambala decided to jump onto a safe boda and head to the electoral commission.

Mayambala was on his way to Mpigi town.

He was able to talk to his voters in Kyengera town.


“I also assure you that in six months time from now, I will be Uganda’s president,” he told voters.

Earlier, Mayambala and John Katumba asked the Electoral Commission to provide food to all security guards of the candidates.

On Monday, there was drama at Kame valley market in Mukono after Mayambala’s public address system failed to work before he started begging vendors for a battery.

Mayambala arrived in Mukono at around 11am and started preparing his public address system that completely failed to work in the middle of his speech.

It took him more than 30 minutes of trying to reconnect but all in vain.

He resorted to dancing and honouring market vendors with endless salutes as he begged for a battery to connect to his address system, something that excited the crowd around him.



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