Museveni combs Lango on vote hunt


The ruling NRM Presidential Flag bearer H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni spent Wednesday combing Lango sub region for votes.

He arrived for a campaign meeting at Olili Primary School in Apac District Wednesday afternoon.

He addressed a scientific gathering of Lango leaders and NRM flag bearers from the districts of Oyam, Kole, Apac and Kwania.

“The commitment to all our supporters is that we shall bring the message to you, but safely,” Museveni said earlier.


Stay safe, do not tempt the pandemic, he told supporters.

“Here, I am leaving Balarege through a “panya” and heading to Apac District for our next schedule.”

He said Balarege for the Bazukulu who do not know was previously a headquarter for LRA rebels, who waylayed people on small footpaths.

Today, this place has a Presidential Demonstration Farm in the exact place that housed the base of LRA, as an example to the wanainchi that ‘we are now free to secure a future in peace’.



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