Amongi speaks on election of city markets, abattoirs leaders


On 25th September 2020, H.E. the President of the Republic of Uganda Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed the immediate disbandment of Association Leaders from all Government markets in Kampala, to pave way for the election of new leaders by the sellers under the supervision of the Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs. 

This followed a vast outcry by market vendors/sellers and those operating in Abattoirs (rufulas) in Kampala stating that:

  1. They are being charged multiple fees/taxation leading to loss of profit
  2. That they are being charged inflated rates for utilities (water, electricity, toilet fees, maintenance, etc) 
  3. The Association have manipulated vendors and hijacked management of the markets which were handed over to all vendors to own and operate
  4. That the old leaders have failed to organize regular elections and have continued to enrich themselves from over charging vendors

To this end, The Ministry of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs established an inter-ministerial committee comprised of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Ministry of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Ministry of Local Government and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) who have studied the issues raised by H.E. the President and an implementation roadmap has been made to effect the Directive as below: –

  1. In the interim, KCCA will with immediate effect take over direct management of the KCCA markets and abattoirs by deploying Resident Management teams. The teams will comprise of a

Market Master or Abattoir Master and three support staff (from Directorates of Revenue Collection, Public Health & Environment and Administration). This team will be charged with the day-to-day running of the market and shall be responsible for the following functions:-

  1. Exercise general supervision and oversight over the affairs and operations of the market/abattoir;
    1. Keep a verified and updated database/register of vendors in the market or abattoir operators;
    2. Ensure that all utility bills and costs incurred in the market/abattoir are settled in time; 
    3. Collect dues, fees and charges from the vendors in accordance with the existing laws and instruments;
    4. Ensure that trade order is maintained in the market/abattoir at all times;
    5. Handle grievances arising out of the law and order enforcement;
    6. Ensure that Public health regulations are observed;
    7. Ensure cleanliness in the market/abattoir at all times;  
    8. Operate and maintain the public toilets;
    9. Manage and collect solid waste;
    10. Provide quality and timely weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and data within the market; 
    11. Ensure that there is security both within and outside of the market/abattoir area; and
    12. Ensure that routine maintenance checks are carried out on all market/abattoir installations.
  • We shall conduct elections for a transitional Leadership committee in all government markets/Abattoir composed of ten (10) committee members a third of whom shall be women, namely;
  1. Chairperson
    1. Vice Chairperson
    2. Secretary 
    3. Treasurer 
    4. Women Representative 
    5. Publicity Secretary
    6. Head of Security
    7. Head of Public Health and Sanitation
    8. Youth representative
    9. Representative for People with Disability
    10. Discipline Champion
  • The Leadership Committee members shall represent the various zones of trade in the markets or abattoirs for an interim period of six (6) months. During this period, registration of all vendors shall take place for purpose of compiling a proper register; Thereafter, substantive leaders will be elected through universal adult suffrage in conformity with the KCCA ordinance on Market. 

The roles and responsibilities of the elected Transitional


Leadership Committee shall be the following: –

  1. Keep a register of vendors/operators in each market/abattoir department/section/zone, including other persons operating in the market/abattoir;
    1. Act as liaison between the vendors/operators and the

KCCA management teams;  

  • Manage the day-to-day affairs of the Market/abattoir and these include: –

i.Maintaining cleanliness/sanitation/hygiene,

ii.Garbage collection,

iii.Ensuring order and discipline among the vendors, 

iv.Resolve conflicts between the vendors, and

v.Facilitate the formation of utility committees i.e. for Electricity and Water.  

  • Mobilise and sensitise vendors/operators to pay all applicable dues, fees and charges to KCCA;
    • Ensure that the vendors’ merchandise, cattle and the market/abattoir premises in general are secure;
    • Mobilise vendors/operators to abide by the regulations and guidelines of the market/abattoirs as outlined in The Markets Act, Cap. 94,The Public Health Act, The Markets (Kampala Markets) Bye laws, The Local Governments (Kampala City Council) (markets) ordinance, 2006, the Local Governments (Kampala City Council) (Meat)

Ordinance, 2006;

  • Submit periodic report reports as may be required by

KCCA Management at least once a month; and 

  • And any other roles as may be assigned by the KCCA Management team.  
  • Interim elections for the transitional leadership committees, shall be conducted in the sixteen (16) markets & (1) abattoir in which government has a stake and these are; 


NoMarket Division 
1St Balikuddembe Market Central 
2Nakasero Market Central 
3Kiseka Market Central 
4Usafi Market Central  
5Kamokya Market Central 
6Bukoto Central 
7Busega market Rubaga 
8Kasubi Market Rubaga 
9Nakawa Market Nakawa
10Bugolobi Market Nakawa
11Kiswa Nakawa
12Luzira Nakawa
14Namuwongo 1Makindye 
15Namuwongo 2Makindye 
16Wandegeya Kawempe 


NoAbattoir Division 
1City Abattoir Central 
  • A Guideline on how elections shall be conducted in the markets/Abattoirs in which government has a stake have been concluded. In respect of private markets, Government shall exercise its regulatory mandate in line with the provisions of the Markets Act cap 94, and The Local Governments (Kampala City Council) (markets) ordinance, 2006 in consultation with the relevant stakeholders after a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the respective market or abattoir proprietor/owners. 

We appeal to private market owners to remain calm since the current exercise is geared towards regulating and streamlining the management of markets not taking over ownership of any market. 

  • As Directed by His Excellency, there shall be only one type of charge per annum and one other fees that shall be determined latter. From today, No other charges or fees shall be allowed except for the fees/charges stipulated below: –
  1. In markets: –
#Space typeFee (Ugx)
1Lockup 144,000/=
  1. The schedule below shall apply for Abattoirs per animal/bird to be slaughtered. 
#AnimalFee (Ugx)
2Goat or Sheep3,000/=
  1. An additional charge/fee as allowed by His Excellency shall be discussed by Cabinet and communicated at a later date. For now, only one fee stated above is to be charged. 


  • KCCA  Toll free 0800 990 000  OR 0794 662 222
    • H.E office Toll Free Number 0800 320 320.
    • Minister for Kampala 0772 503 213 / 0776 897 474
    • State House Anti-corruption Unit (Lt. Col. Nakalema) 0800 100 770 and 0772634743.
  • A schedule for election of the interim leaders in the 16 markets and one abattoir shall be as below;
#Date Market /Abattoir
1Monday 9th November 2020St Balikuddembe  City Abbatoir
2Tuesday 10th November 2020Nakawa  Bugolobi  Nakasero
3Wednesday 11th November  2020Usafi ,  Wandegaeya,  Kinawataka
4    Thursday 12th November 2020 Kasubi,  Bukoto and  Kamokya 
5    Friday 13th November 2020Busega ,  Luzira,  Kiswa ,
6   Monday 16th November 2020Namuwogo 1 and 2 Kisekka Market
7     Tuesday 17thNovember 2020Meeting of newly elected leaders 

Please ensure to continue observing the SOPs to safeguard against COVID 19. Wash your hands or use an alcohol based sanitizer regularly, properly wear a face mask, observe social distancing and adhere to the Government set curfew hours.



Signed: Amongi Betty Ongom (MP)



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