Royals tell King Oyo to leave Kampala & live in Tooro


The Tooro Royal (Biito) Clan is demanding their King Dr. Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru to shift from Kampala and embark in his kingdom to perform his duties.

This was during the Biito clan meeting held at Kalya Courts in Fort Portal over the weekend attended by over 150 members including Prof Edward Rugumayo, Msgr. Isaiah Mayombo among others.

Rev. Fr. Charles Oyo, the clan Spokesperson, says the Babiito realized that it’s against the cultural norms for a king to stay and perform his duties in another Kingdom.

Fr. Oyo noted that the king has abandoned his palace which is shameful and failure to honor their demand he should abdicate the Kingdom.


The Babiito have also demanded the King to marry so that the subjects can be sure of the succession plan of Tooro Kingdom.

Mugume Vincent, the Deputy Ministry of Information Tooro Kingdom, says the King will marry when time comes.

On Staying in Kampala, Mugume says the king being an HIV/AIDS ambassador, he is always invited in different meetings and is busy doing kingdom work and has not abandoned the palace as it’s alleged.

In September this year, the king marked his coronation silver jubilee coronation anniversary celebrations (Empango) at Karuziika Palace in Fort Portal.

The 28-year-old King Oyo ascended the throne at the age of three in 1995.



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