Bobi Wine slams military raids, brutality


National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has condemned military and police brutality.

“Ugandans, we must commit never to allow this again in our country,” he said after being brutally arrested several times after his nomination.

“In the years to come, when our grand children look at these pictures, they will shake their heads in shock that oppressed Ugandans could treat their fellow citizens in this manner on behalf of an old, desperate tyrant,” he said.

“Never again will Ugandans who disagree with those in power, be treated with so much indignity; with so much disdain; with so much hate!”


Bobi Wine also condemned the police and the military raid on National Unity Platform Karamoja Regional office.

They wrecked havoc, arrested his people and beat up others.

“They went as far as searching our candidate’s homes!”

The soldiers vandalised all materials, and removed his posters all over Moroto town.

“We condemn these actions in the strongest terms possible. It is clear that Museveni is very, very, very scared. We only have to keep pressing.”



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