Gulu University staff gets Shs100m from Museveni


Gulu University staff through their Credit and saving scheme Trusted Friends Gulu University saving Association have gotten 100 million from president Yoweri Museveni.

The 100 million was a pledge made by the president when he graced the 15 graduation of Gulu University students.

The president said that the move was a away in ensuring that civil servants and citizens dont suffers in the hands of sharks commercial financial institution.

This morning Gulu University vice chancellor Openjuru George Ladaah and the University secretary declared officially to the staff that the money is in the account of the Association.


“This will go along way of improving the finance of the staff and I urge you to use it well so that we would account to his excellency the strides we would make” Openjuru said.

Ojok James Onono, Gulu University Assistant Public Relations Officer, said all staff of the University is entitled to the money and the borrowing interest would be 10% lower than any of the financial institution as the security would be salary.



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