Police ‘defaces’ Bobi Wine posters as security raids NUP offices again


Bobi Wine says police defacing his posters as security raids NUP offices again

National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has accused police of defacing his campaign posters.

“As we get close to the election, it gets clearer that the regime is so panicky,” he said on Saturday.

According to him, they are so scared to the teeth, and that is why they would deploy police and goons to deface his banners, remove his posters, etc.

On Friday in Kampala, an operation overseen by the police saw his posters removed from Clock Tower and Entebbe road.


In areas of Mpigi, area NRM leaders under the guard of police moved around removing his posters.

“These are not actions that will scare us or even deter us. Instead, these actions show us how scared, cowardly and vulnerable our opponents are. Let’s keep the focus.”

He said it won’t take long before they fall with a thud, and the country will return to the hands of the citizens.

This came shortly after security forces yet again raided the NUP office in Jinja.

In Lugazi, Bobi Wine’s supporters were charged for selling and putting on his signature red berets.

“The atmosphere of intimidation continues to grow but we too are growing stronger! Ultimately, we THE PEOPLE shall prevail!”



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