Cabinet approves business licencing reforms


Cabinet approved the Principles for the implementation of Comprehensive Business Licensing Reforms aimed at providing a Competitive Business Environment by reducing the cost of doing business as follows:

Ensuring that Business Licenses serve legitimate regulatory purposes such as the protection of public health, safety and the environment;

Ensuring that the process of obtaining business licenses is transparent and efficient;

Rationalizing and simplifying Central Government level and local authority level business licenses in order to eliminate multiplicity and overlap;


Identifying the potential revenue impact of business licensing reforms at both Central Government and Local Government levels.

Cabinet also approved the National Population Policy, 2020 with the following tenets:

Transforming Uganda’s youthful population into a competitive advantage for development (harness the demographic dividend);

Accelerating both fertility and mortality decline for a more favorable population age structure and a lower dependency

Strengthening an integrated approach to population development
and environment and;
Leveraging organized migration as a force in National
Development and wellbeing.

Cabinet agreed to a temporary halt in the implementation of the provision of connection subsidies to Consumers in cognizant of the constraints to the Budget and authorized the Minister of Energy.

Mineral Development to issue a Policy direction in the interim with effect from 1st March 2021 to authorize electricity connections to customers who have capacity to pay for them.



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