Ronald Mayinja outs song saying no one can replace Museveni


Singer Ronald Mayinja has released a song titled “Akalulu” which praises President Yoweri Museveni as the only person capable of leading Uganda.

“We abuse you and you get hurt but you don’t take offence. Your wisdom and knowledge are still very needed by the country,” Mayinja says in the lyrics of the song.

“You bring your enemies close and ask to resolve their issues. Since your youthful days, you have tried to transform the country and the results are tangible. The vote(2021) is yours.”

The 2021 campaign song comes shortly after Mayinja had just sworn allegiance to National Unity Platform’s Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.


He left People Power to join the ruling National Resistance Movement, then left NRM to join NUP and is now back into NRM.

“I’m for Museveni in 2021. He has done alot of good things for our nation. I will vote for him untill 2040.”

According to Mayinja, Museveni has got the vision for this country.

He’s the only man who can lead Uganda to prosperity and transform the lives of the citizens, not these hooligans and ganja people who have no knowledge about leadership, Mayinja noted.

He said NUP just makes noise and killing innocent people.

“They are actually very dangerous than Museveni. They don’t deserve any leadership position in Uganda.”

He said they (NUP) are very confused and tough so murderous to manage the affairs of this country.

“They are very harsh and intolerant. Don’t vote for them bambi. We need our country under good people.”

Museveni is the amswer to Uganda’s problems, Mayinja concludes.



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