Nabakooba warns candidates on lies, abusive language


As usual, we use this Press briefing to emphasize key issues of National Guidance in order to ensure that the public is well informed and guided.

Following the end of Parliamentary and Local government nominations, the Electoral Commission announced key dates for the start of campaigns.

Come November 9th, Campaigns for the above positions will officially start and end by 1st of February 2021.

Political Campaigns should not be a time for candidates to use abusive language against each other.

Candidates are warned against defaming others, telling falsehoods against each other, inciting public disorder, inciting hatred or violence.


I therefore call upon all candidates to conduct their campaigns in manner that respects our diversity in culture and political differences.
My prayer is that these political campaigns will be able to bring us closer together as a country as opposed to separating us.

When it comes to campaign posters, all local government authorities including KCCA have issued guidelines for setting up campaign posters.

For example, campaign posters should not be pinned on road signs; campaign banners should not be hanging on electricity power lines.

Campaign posters or any other campaign material should not be used in such a way that endangers the lives of people.

They should not be used in such a way that inconveniences the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

I urge all candidates to respect the guidelines provided to avoid situations of conflict when campaign posters are pulled down.
We are also reminded that all candidates have the responsibility of keeping the public safe from COVID-19.

Let us endeavor to observe all the guidelines that have been provided by the Electoral Commission.

Following resumption of classes for candidate classes, the Uganda Examination Board (UNEB) released statement announcing the start of the registration for PLE, UCE and UACE.

Schools are warned against charging parents any amount beyond the official registration fees.
According to UNEB the official rates are, PLE – 34,000, UCE – 164,000 and UACE – 186,000.

On previous occasions, there have been cases where schools have collected the money from parents but failed to register the candidates on time.

Parents are being called upon to be vigilant and liaise with their schools and ensure that the entire process is being done in a genuine manner.

Finally, I would like to continue reminding everyone that COVID-19 is here with us and it kills.
Currently Uganda has so far lost close to 100 people to COVID-19.

These are our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. We therefore need to take seriously the guidance on prevention.
Let us keep our masks on all the time when in public especially during this campaign period.

Government is continuing with its efforts in ensuring that everyone is able to get the necessary services regarding the testing and treatment of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health has revised the cost of the COVID-19 test from 240,000 to 185,000 shillings.

This applies to special categories of people that are required to undergo mandatory testing and given a COVID-19 certificate.

Categories such as truck drivers entering the country, people traveling out of the country, Ugandan and Visitors coming into the country without negative COVID- 19 certificates, private individuals or organisaitons that want to test their staff.
The rest of the people who wish to know their status are encouraged to check into any government hospital for free services.

I want to continue encouraging members of the public that if you suspect to have been exposed to COVID-19, please go for a test at a government facility for free.

Let us continue wearing our Masks, washing of hands with soap all the time and maintaining social distancing as well.

For God and my Country
Thank you
Judith Nabakooba
Minister ICT & National Guidance



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