Be sober while enforcing the law- ACP Kusemererwa


Kusemererwa James, Assistant Commissioner of police who doubles as the head of Department of Human Rights, has called upon police officers to enforce the law while without putting in emotions.

According to James, many police officers when there is a demonstration they also get annoyed and at the end act extreme of what is expected of them presenting their personal sides which does not conform to the Force standard rules of engagement.

James who was speaking on Wednesday from Bomah Hotel during day two of Capacity building workshop on Human Right based approach to implement laws for Gulu stakeholders said there is deliberate efforts for all police officers to be trained on the Public Order Management Act 2013 and the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act 2012.

“Let’s not be annoyed while doing our work, secondly there are some people who are cunning and they run to police report matters first and yet they could be the culprit, so we should investigate before judging,” James said.


James Gibaba Aswa River Region Police Legal and Human Rights Officer confirmed that they have already started training their officers on the Public Order management Act and the Anti Torture Act by the end of September this year and would enroll to other districts so that the officers are within the law.

Ogwang Nickolas, the Uganda Human Rights Commission regional officer said when new acts are passed by parliament it is good that governmnet doesn’t wait all this long but immediately trains its police officers so that their behaviors is within the law.

The two days training that brought police officers, prison officers, Civil society and human rights defenders were supported by the Human Rights Centre Uganda an NGO.

Farida Kyomuhangi, the head of programmes Department, in the organizations said the project which started in 2018 is to Empower Justice Law and Order sector officials in the Human Rights Based approach while implementing the Public Order Management Act and the Torture Act.

According to her the project called “Promote awareness and understanding of Human Rights” is funded by Austria Development Cooporation targeting the District of Gulu, Kampala,Wakiso and Mukono.



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