Pastor Yiga is alive, says ABS TV


Pastor Augustine Yiga is alive contrary to death reports.

The nasty report surfaced on social media Friday morning claiming the Abizaayo prophet had breathed his last.

“Whoever is saying that Pastor Yiga is dead, please and please stop,” said ABS TV management.

It added: ” He is safe and sound. Thank you.”

He is the proprietor of Kawaala-based Revival Church.


According to reports, Yiga was recently bedridden at Nsambya Hospital with alleged “liver complications”.

Several of his followers started praying for their beloved pastor when the news broke out that his health was rapidly deteriorating.

“Pastor Yiga is not dead! Pastor Yiga Augustine Abizayo is alive, he is not yet dead,” ABS clarified on Friday.

“We take this opportunity to warn whoever is spreading the news, do it at your risk. God is good.”



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