Uneb registers candidates, warns on fees


The Executive Secretary of the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), Mr. Dan Odongo Thursday addressed the Press on the Registration of Candidates and Schools Escalating UNEB Registration Fees.

Dan N. Odongo, the Executive Secretary UNEB says following the re-opening of schools for candidate classes, the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has informed candidates, teachers and parents that the registration of candidates starts today October 22, 2020.  

The process is expected to run for five weeks.

“We would like to emphasize that there will be no room for late registration, and therefore urge schools to ensure that all the candidates register within the given period,” Odongo noted.


Registration Fees Structure.

The registration fees have NOT been increased and the structure is as follows;

  1. PLE- Thirty four thousand shillings ( 34,000/=)   
  2. UCE – One hundred and sixty four thousand shillings (164,000/=)  
  3. UACE- One hundred and eighty six thousand shillings (186,000/=).

“We strongly urge head teachers not to inflate the registration fees, claiming they are UNEB/Registration fees,” Odongo said.

Any additional charges that the school would like to make for administrative purposes should clearly be explained to the parents, and MUST NOT, in any way, be referred to as ‘UNEB fees/ Registration fees’.

“We call upon parents to be vigilant and not allow to be exploited under the guise of ‘UNEB fees’.”

For candidates under the government programs of Universal Primary Education (UPE), Universal Secondary Education (USE), and Universal Post ‘O’ Level Education and Training (UPOLET), the government will pay the fees.

“We therefore expect the head teachers in these schools to submit the registration details immediately.”

“We wish to strongly warn against the fraudulent practice of some district education officials registering pupils from private primary schools in government schools as UPE candidates.”

Whereas parents in such schools pay the required examination fees, the money is not remitted to UNEB. This MUST STOP forthwith.

Registration of candidates is done electronically through the school portals.

The E-registration software has been distributed to the schools through the District Inspectors of Schools and the Area Supervisors.

“We ask District Inspectors of Schools to allow head teachers to register candidates themselves, except in situations where this is not possible.”

The use of service providers to handle registration has led to errors such as wrong photographs attached to some candidates’ names.

It also adds to costs, to the detriment of parents.

Parents, should, in as much as possible, confirm that the school has a UN EB Centre numbere For schools without Centre Numbers, parents must demand proof of where the candidates will be registered.



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