Enanga tells CID trainees to read literature on contemporary crimes


“The more you know yourself the more clarity there is. Self knowledge has no end”- these were the words of CP Fred Enanga while addressing trainees of records management at CID Headquarters Kibuli on 20th October 2020.

CP Enanga also advised the trainees to do their work of records management diligently without compromising the procedures.

He further called upon Police officers to have a receptive language, be modest, assertive and above all be patriotic.

CP CP Enanga challenged the officers to read widely especially literature that provides the most recent methods of countering the contemporary crimes.


He called upon the officers to be vanguards of fighting incidents like torture of suspects that he said badly affects the image of the Police.

Training of records officers is one of the activities CID is undertaking to build a formidable capacity to counter the recent crime trends.

It will always remain a work in progress.



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