Bobi Wine meets Buganda premier Mayiga


The Buganda Kingdom Wednesday hosted National Unity Platform party presidential nominee Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine.

The meeting took place at Bulange office of Prime Minister Peter Mayiga in Mengo.

While there is no official communication of what was discussed, it is reported that Mayiga and Bobi Wine dwelled on matters outside politics since the constitution clearly bars cultural institutions from making endorsements for candidates aspiring in political positions.

As the political season ripens with only one step of nomination left for Kyagulanyi to get to state house, pundits have warned that the youthful leader would be a threat if only he gets the backing of Mengo.


The Katikkiro earlier said as Mengo, they would follow a candidate who fronts their five core points dubbed ‘Ensonga Ssemasonga’.

Important to note is that Kyagulanyi has been a darling to Mengo right from his infant musical days when he even baptized himself ‘Omubanda wa Kabaka’ to mean the ‘King’s badman’.



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