Military raids NUP offices over illegal stores


Security Wednesday raided National Unity Platform offices in Kamwokya.

“Our head offices have been turned into a warzone by the police and military,” the party said.

“But there’s one assurance that we can give you, we shall overcome.”

Army spokesperson Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso said due to continued illegal use of military and police stores and other military/police patented designs, a joint operation is on going to recover the same from the public.

“All in possession of such items are encouraged to voluntarily return them.”


Bobi Wine speaks

After the criminals left our offices, the team has just finished making an assessment of what has been stolen in broad daylight.

I have been informed that most of our forms with signatures for nominations have been taken away! They have also taken 23 million shillings, part of which was meant to facilitate our parliamentary candidates with nomination fees.

They have also taken so many of our branding materials including posters, banners, berets, t-shirts, pens, notebooks, etc. Our CCTV cameras have been vandalised and equipment taken away.

Some comrades have been arrested and are being held at Kira Road police station. I have also been informed that so many of our people who are selling NUP branding materials in town are being arrested with reckless abandon.

Instead of weakening us comrades, let these actions strengthen us and increase our resolve. Seeing the hundreds of soldiers and police officers deployed today is evidence that the dictator is so scared of us. We are not giving up. We are not giving in!



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