Curfew: police impounds 211 cars, 331 bodas


Last night, police carried out an operation to reinvigorate the anti-COVID19 enforcement measures, especially the curfew hours.

During the operations, officers impounded over 211 motor vehicles and 331 motor cycles.

The operation was peaceful and it was carried out in an orderly manner and professionally.

There are drivers who were cautioned while others were issued with Express Penalty Scheme tickets.


The operation will continue today.

“We appeal to the general public to plan their journeys early to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law,” said SP Patrick Onyango

“We would like to remind all motorists that the timing of the curfew is 9:00PM.”

The break down per region is as below:

  1. Kampala Metropolitan East
    Motor vehicles 81
    Motor cycles 22
  2. Kampala Metropolitan Police North
    Motor vehicles 45
    Motor cycles 145
  3. Kampala Metropolitan Police South
    Motor vehicles 85
    Motor cycles 164.

“We are reinvigorating the Anti-COVID19 enforcement measures and would like to remind all motorists that the timing of the curfew is 9:00PM,” police said on Monday.

All boda boda riders are also reminded to observe the 6pm timing.

Those caught outside these timings may suffer consequences this evening.



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