Block, unfriend online sex bullies, Nabakooba tells girls


Every day, so many girls on social media are targeted through different forms of abuse.

Some of the attacks target girls innocence by luring them into online sex trade that is now rampant.

Others simply target girls by mocking the way they look or dress.

Such attacks are meant to attack the girl’s confidence making her feel inferior and worthless.


As government we condemn this kind of online abuse and call upon all those involved to stop it.

I want to encourage all those girls and women who have been victims of social media abuse to stand up and take action.

You can choose to block, ignore or even unfriend the online bullies.

If the situation gets out of hand, please report the matter to your nearest police.

At a time when online spaces have become a necessity, we all have an obligation to keep our girls safe and protected all the time when online.
Looking back at our Independence celebrations.

During his Independence address, His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni challenged everyone to utilise existing opportunities in wealth creation by doing something.

A lot of opportunities continue to open up every day in several sectors such as agriculture, ICT, Production, Service provision and others.

The president made a special appeal to the youth to hard and ensure that they improve their welfare.

I want to use today’s briefing to inform all Ugandans that all wealth creation opportunities are available for all Ugandans regardless of your political or any other inclination.

Among these opportunities are the emyooga or wealth creation funds.

Last week, Cabinet approved the administration of these funds to be taken closer to the people.

Previously Emyooga funds have been managed at district level.
Going forward, they will now be managed at parish and constituency level.

Each constituency has upto 560 million shillings to give out for development purposes.
I therefore call upon everyone to reach out to your parish chief or community development officer for information on how you can access these funds.

Let us get organized in our SACCOs and ensure that no one is left behind in government’s wealth creation efforts.

Turning to the ongoing electoral activities; the Electoral Commission has made adjustments and extended the nomination exercise for aspiring Parliament candidates.

The new dates shifted from Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th and Friday 16th 2020.

This extension has been made to enable every candidate to have enough time to prepare for the nomination.
The preparation is to the benefit of all candidates regardless of the political party.

It takes into account recent debates regarding names especially for candidates with spousal names.

I therefore call upon all candidates to take advantage of this extension and prepare well because there will be no more extensions.
Finally we continue with our advisory on COVID-19.

Latest stastics show that we have registered 163 new infections.
Our current case total of infections is now at 9,701 cases and 93 deaths.

83% of all the new cases are locally transmitted, meaning that we all have to step up our personal protection.

COVID-19 is still here with us and it kills.
As you step out of your house every day, make a commitment to stay healthy by following all the guidelines provided by the Ministry of health and His Excellency the President concerning COVID-19.

We all need to work together to ensure that the number of new cases starts to come down.

Do not forget to wear your mask all the time when going out in public.

For God and my Country Thank you

Judith Nabakooba (MP)
Minister ICT & National Guidance



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