Mai-Mai militia butcher 8 in Congo


By Radio Okapi

Eight people were killed during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, October 7 in Kasoko village, in the Walese Vonkutu chiefdom, in Irumu territory (Ituri).

According to the coordinator of the NGO “Convention for the Respect of Human Rights (CRDH)”, Christophe Munyanderu, these eight people (a father and his seven children) were butchered with a machete.

They were surprised by the presence of armed men in their house.


Only the mother of the children barely escaped, he said.

On the bodies of the victims, said Christophe Munyanderu, we found a letter in which it was written, “We killed them because they are wizards.”

Some bodies were found by the river; others were abandoned behind houses.

Civil society in Irumu territory, for its part, believes that the Mayi-Mayi militiamen are responsible for this murder.

Because, she insists, they circulate freely in this area with bladed and firearms.



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