Man rapes woman, falls asleep, gets stabbed to death



Police has found the body of a thug who was stabbed to death after raping a woman.

Abbas Bamulangaki Senkumbi fell asleep after raping a 36-year old single mother of four children in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

The incident happened at Busembe village, Maya parish, Nsangi sub county in Wakiso district.


Uganda Radio Network (URN) reports that Senkumba dug a hole in the house until he accessed the woman’s bedroom.

He first demanded for money but later raped her.

The victim who has recorded a statement at Nsangi police division said Senkumba attacked her at around 2am.

“He told me that he was sure that I had money. At that time, he was holding a sharp knife. I begged him not to kill me because I am the only parent for my children. I also begged him not to hurt my children. I gave him 1.2 million, I had saved from my shop business,” the woman told police.

After receiving the money, Senkumba allegedly told the woman that she was beautiful and he could not leave without having sex with her.

The woman said she pleaded with Senkumba not to rape her but go with the money.

“He insisted that he was going to kill me if I refused having sex with him. I painfully accepted his demands because I wanted to be safe with my life and children. He suddenly fell asleep after having sex with me. I picked his knife and I stabbed him in the chest,” the woman indicated in her statement.

Senkumba ran out of the house naked screaming for help as the knife was still in the chest.

He hid in the bush from where he bled to death.

Nsangi police picked Senkumba’s body and took it to Mulago hospital for a postmortem.

Luke Owoyesigyire, deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson said police surgeon examined the woman and it has since been proved that she was indeed raped.

Police added that semen was also found on Senkumba’s private parts.

The deceased’s clothes that included two trousers, shirt and the 1.2 million shillings he had received were found inside the house.



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