Millions of kids missed vaccination due to lockdown


Every year in April and October the Ministry of Health intensifies Maternal Child Health and survival activities during what is commonly referred to as Integrated Child Health Days (ICHDs).

The Integrated Child Health days consolidate the resolve of Government to minimize preventable morbidity, mortality and disability due to diarrhea, pneumonia, measles, tetanus, tuberculosis, infections of the throat and chest, cancer of the liver and cancer of the cervix, leprosy, polio myelitis, rubella, vitamin a deficiency, lack of energy for childhood development due to blood loss caused by blood sucking worms in the intestines of children.

The services provided during the Integrated Child Health days October 2020 include; Routine Immunization catch-up vaccination, Deworming, Vitamin A supplementation in addition to Family planning services and general health education, says Hon. Dr. Moriku Joyce Kaducu.

The Integrated Child Health Activities October 2020 follows two disruptions in October 2019 due to MR campaign and April 2020 due to COVID 19 lockdown.


As a consequence, there is a backlog of;

One million and two hundred thousand children (1,200,000) aged 10 and 11 years who need vaccination against cancer of the cervix; seventeen million and three hundred thousand (17,300,000) children below 15 years who need deworming to prevent blood loss to worms; seven million and five hundred thousand children below five years who need Vitamin A Supplementation against preventable blindness; nearly five hundred thousand (500,000) children who missed various doses of routine vaccination over time.



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