Fake Covid19 results risk Entebbe closer- Katumba


The Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala hinted at a possibility of closing Entebbe airport again if travellers dare present fake Covid19 results.

He was Tuesday addressing the Press about the roads which will be constructed in DRC and the required 72 hours Covid-19 certificate.

Speaking at Uganda Media Centre, Katumba said Entebbe Airport is now open but everyone is required to first have a Covid_19 test.

“If you can’t move with the documents, take a photo of your results,” he said.


“We highly discourage anyone from using fake documents,” says Gen Katumba.

He added: “Anyone that presents fake Covid_19 results at the airport risks getting Entebbe Airport closed again because we would be spreading the virus to other nations.”



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