UPDF airforce airlifts Judge Gadenya for specialised treatment

UPDF chopper

UPDF Air Force on Monday successfully airlifted Justice Paul Gadenya from the scene of accident for specialised treatment.

“We appreciate the Airforce Commander for the timely action and continue to pray for Justice Gadenya’s quick recovery,” said army spokesperson Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso.

Gadenya’s car came in a head on collision with another car along Masindi-Kampala road this morning.

He was on his way to Masindi High Court.


UPDF Air Force dispatched a helicopter to evacuate the resident district judge.

“UPDF family wishes Justice Paul Gadenya quick recovery,” said Byekwaso.

Deo Akiiki, Uganda’s Ministry of Defense & Veterans affairs Deputy Spokesperson, said the Commander Air Force  Lt Gen Charles Lutaaya was informed of the accident and the state of health of justice Gadenya.

He directed immediate evacuation of the justice to a specialized and more competent hospital.

AIRFORCE is mandated to carry out emergency evacuations and responses to calamities of any nature.



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