Mubs lecturers announce salary strike


Makerere University Business School (Mubs) academic staff have announced a strike over salary disparities.

The announcement comes only 10 days to the reopening of semester for final year students.

Students who have been home since March due to Covid-19 are expected to return to school when schools, universities and other tertiary institutions reopen for candidates and finalists on October 15.

Lecturers at Mubs told Daily Monitor they will not report for lectures until the salary disparities among the staff are rectified.


The chairperson of Mubs Academic Staff Association,Muyomba, told journalists Sunday that the teaching staff of the same rank with similar qualifications are earning different salaries, contrary to the President’s promise.

He said they met President Museveni and the Minister of Education, Janet Museveni, in December last year and agreed that the salary disparity would be rectified in July this year.

 “Academic staff with the same ranks and qualifications have been earning less money for the last 10 years and this is uncalled for since we do the same work. This issue was supposed to be addressed this financial year in July but nothing has been done. As staff, we have unanimously agreed to lay down our tools until this issue is addressed,” Muyomba said.

He said a staff at the rank of professor in all public universities is supposed to earn Shs15.6m per month.

He said, however, some professors at Mubs earn Shs8m.

Muyomba also said whereas a staff at the rank of lecturer is supposed to earn Shs7.6m, others at same seniority are earning Shs3m while others earn Shs4m and Shs5m.

“We are not asking for a salary increment, all we are asking for is that all staff with the same qualifications should earn the same salary. We are tired of these illegalities,” he said.

According to Muyomba, only 200 teaching staff out of 840 are earning the right salary scale at the university.

The new salary scale for staff in all public universities for Financial Year 2020/202, which Daily Monitor has seen, shows that a professor is supposed to earn Shs15.6m, associate professor Shs14.8m, senior lecturer Shs8.2m and lecturer Shs7.6m.

A letter from Public Service Permanent Secretary, Catherine Bitarakwate, seen by Daily Monitor asked Mubs management to pay the appointed staff according to the salary structure approved for public universities.

Bitarakwate noted that this would present an annual wage bill of Shs58.7b. 

She, however, noted the annual budget for Mubs for 2020/2021 academic year is Shs53.8b hence a deficit of Shs4.9b. She requested the Ministry of Finance to release the money.

However, this money was not included in the budget for Financial Year 2020/2021.

Credit: Daily Monitor



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