Amuriat: I’ve experience in defeating Generals, leave Museveni to me


On Thursday, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) joint presidential flag bearer campaign expedition was in Jinja district.

The candidates Hon. Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) and Amb. Wasswa Birigwa campaigned amongst the Delegates of Busoga who gathered in Jinja and later proceeded to Bukedi subregion where they met the districts of Budaka and Pallisa.

Delegates all over are happy with the civility exhibited by the two candidates while campaigning which is promoting the spirit of One Uganda One People.

There’s resounding assurance of the Party fielding candidates at all levels and they have been requested to keep ground ripe for change as a final assault on the junta regime of Mr. Museveni is sought.


Both Presidential Flagbearer candidates have confirmed willingness to grow the Party into the best alternative for transformative leadership in the Country.

On Friday, they interacted with the Delegates of Elgon and Bukedi Subregions in the Eastern part of the Country.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat assured delegates that trusting him with the Party Presidential flag will be a resounding assurance to end the 35 year Museveni dictatorship since he has experience in defeating Generals.

POA added on that ground is already softened as a result of the 15 years that the FDC has been in the field teaching Ugandans of what needs to be done.

He added that the works that Dr. Kizza Besigye has done for the struggle for the last 20 years need an experienced leader like him to lead the final assault on the dictator.

Amb. Wasswa Biriggwa continued to project to Delegates a Uganda that he espouses.

He envisages a Country where people have liberties to develop with an enabling environment set by a serious and caring government.

Amb. Wasswa Biriggwa says that his vast experience having worked in Europe, Japan and USA is what the Party and Uganda needs to leapfrog from the current stagnation.

Meanwhile, Delegates have continued preaching unity among the two candidates that will help hold the Party together after the Primaries are held.

Leaders also interacted with Party Flagbearer candidates across all elective positions and emphasized the need to build more momentum as Museveni’s government’s comes to an end.

Leaders were all requested to begin a pre test run of the government that will be handed to them soon.

They two candidates thereafter headed to Teso to hold a similar meeting and details will be communicated later.

After meeting delegates of Bukedi and Elgon in the morning in Mbale, candidates Hon. Patrick Oboi Amuriat and Amb. Wasswa Biriggwa proceeded to Soroti in Teso Subregion where they met party Delegates and candidates.

The two candidates were officially received in Soroti City by Mayor Omer Paul who cautioned FDC candidates to stay focused and fight as a team and win together.

Teso Delegates after listening to the campaign messages from the two Presidential flag bearer candidates, they requested them to remain firm and steadfast towards change.

They assured both candidates that whoever gets the FDC Party Presidential flag will be assured of getting 100% win in the Sub region as its more than ready, ripe and prepared for regime change.

Teso has fielded 100% Party candidates on all elective positions and will resoundingly be painted blue.



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