Elders told to keep young people off social media


President Museveni says he is glad that the elderly have formed different SACCOs.

He said this is a first step to waking up and becoming extremely productive.

“It is important for older persons to walk the talk, in order to gain credibility to guide young people,” he said Thursday while presiding over International Day for Older persons.

He said extending the elders’ grant to persons aged 60 years is good because that’s when most people retire.


“But it will be considered when we have the capacity. Today, there are many competing priorities like infrastructure, security and so on.”

Museveni appealed to the elderly to talk to young people.

“Don’t allow them to be idle and spend all their time on social media, in the name of being young. Young people should be producing wealth.”

He said average life expectancy in Uganda has improved from 47 to 63 today.

“In the future, indeed, we will have more older people.”

He said the Elders Council should also sensitise older people to wake up and use the resources “we have like land to produce and generate wealth, rather than focusing on subsistence farming”.

 The population of Uganda has increased from 14 million in 1986 to 46 million today.

This has been made possible by simple interventions like immunisation.

“We can do even better by improving nutrition, hygiene among others.”

Older Persons will bring wisdom and vast experience to parliament, to guide the younger legislators, he noted.



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