ANT opens office in Gulu city


On Thursday, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) opened Pece-Laroo coordination offices in Gulu East.

“The office space was donated by our parliamentary candidate in the same constituency, Mr. Adongakulu Robert,” said Winnie Kiiza, MP Kasese District.

She earlier had a meeting with the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) delegates from Acholi.

“We continue to ask women to have meaningful participation in politics.”


While women are as likely as men to engage in local government activities, they are less likely to be recruited into decision making roles, said Kiiza.

Women’s participation is linked more to physical presence during local governance activities without much power to influence and control decisions, she noted.

“We are committed to empower women through civic education in order to increase their levels of assertiveness and confidence to enable them assume key decision-making roles during their participation in local governance activities.”



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