To unseat NRM is like threatening a leopard- Mugyenyi


Yesterday, I again accepted to take a step and offer myself to voters of Sheema Municipality as a party flag bearer for my party FDC.

I wish to assure people of Sheema that by making myself their choice of a politician guarantees them No regrets.

I wish to be the first woman in Sheema to stand as a direct elected member of Parliament and my main objective is to bring better leadership in Sheema
Municipality and speak about good governance in our country Uganda.

In order to serve the people of Sheema Municipality, I need an aggressive team, we cant look for votes the same way we did last time.

Remember, the people we are dealing with, have been occupying very comfortable offices. Any plan to unseat or deny them a chance to be in power is like threatening a leopard!!!!!. They have mastered all tricks of cheating an election. They are ready to intimidate, torture, or attempt to cheat and bribe voters etc. However, we are ready to say;

*No the country is for all of us. We must stop oppressors from undermining us.

*Enough is enough, we are aware of our rights.

Let us empower our people but don’t bribe them.

Our vote, our power.


It’s now or never.

Ekimara Kimara”.

Let us all be ready and firm to stand up and defend our votes.
“One Uganda, One people” raaaaaa!




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