No exams without fees as Kyambogo re-opens


Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor Eli Katunguka Monday addressed the media to update the public on the readiness of the University to reopen.

He said the university will reopen for final year students.

Reopening date is Saturday, October 17th.

Teaching commences on October 19th and ends on November 13th.

Exams begin on November 16th and end on November 29th


Finalists are 11,943.

No student will be allowed into exams unless they have paid all fees required.

Government sponsored students had received their food and living out allowances for semester two.

There won’t be any other allowance from government.

Students should carry their own sanitizers and masks.

All halls of residence will be fumigated and halls will be filled to half capacity.

All students’ property will be disinfected before accessing halls of residence.

At all halls of residence there will be hand washing facilities.

There won’t be team sports during this session but individual physical exercises for fitness purposes will be allowed but recognising recommended social distancing practices.

The University medical center has put in place protocols for referral of suspected COVID 19 cases assisted by the 24 hour ambulances services.

Emergency numbers will be displayed on all notice boards for quick action.

The infection control and prevention committee has been constituted to ensure implementation of infection control at the medical center and the University.

A screening area for isolation of suspected COVID 19 cases has been put in place.



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