Leave army out of politics, NRM tells Bobi Wine & Kibalama


Leave army out of politics, NRM tells Bobi Wine & Kibalama

“We don’t condone in strongest possible terms, any attempt by a dodgy Moses Kibalama and Robert Kyagulanyi to drag UPDF into our politics,” said the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

The UPDF remains a professional pro Uganda, pro Africa, force.

“The ideology from which it draws its mandate is clear on its sovereign role to protect all Ugandans as well as our territorial integrity,” the party said.

UPDF command structure is built on among others an understand in of Africa’s political history as well as strategic objective to contribute to a peaceful Africa.


“It is unfortunate for one who seeks to be our next “Commander in Chief” to conveniently and foolishly overlook this.”

“Is it legal for a political movement to outrightly purchase, for cash or otherwise, an already existent political party?!”

What are the ramifications of this on sovereignty of a nation state?

Politics by its very nature is a contest of and for State power, NRM said.

In seeking to restore the pride of the nation state, NRM Chairman Museveni together with a precious few, started Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) to contest against Dr. Obote’s Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) in our 1980 elections.

“When we took to the “bush” in Feb 1981, it was with a special political movement whose military wing was Peoples’ Redemption Army (PRA).”

The PRA and UPM would later merge with Prof. Lule’s Uganda Freedom Fighters/Movement to form what is now National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Last month, Mr. Kyagulanyi’s People Power movement in continuing with a trend unique to them, opted to purchase, from a one Mr. Kibalama, a fully registered political party.

This party, National Unity Reconciliation Party (NURP) is what is now National Unity Platform (NUP).

To draw attention away from the ignominies of “Political Party purchase”, Mr. Kyagulanyi somehow convinced Mr. Kibalaama to engage in yet more selfish deceit against Gen. David Muhozi and the Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces.

“This is dangerous and should be rejected by all right thinking Ugandans – politicians and otherwise.”



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