Kibalama: they want to kill me


The former founder of National Unity Platform Moses Kibalama says the threat around him is real.

Kibalama told NBS television on Monday that he can’t walk freely in town.

Kibalama says Bobi Wine no longer calls him after he handed over the party to him.

According to him, NUP is being run like People Power.


He says a political party shouldn’t be run like a movement.

Simon Kaggwa Njala: Who wants to kill you?

Kibalama: I don’t know.

Njala: are you under detention?

Kibalama: I am not in detention. I am at home. I just requested security officials to give me some security because there was some insecurity.

People jumped into my fence. They were holding two guns. That was a threat that I aired out.

The Kamwokya team did not help me. I decided to connect to Gen. David Muhoozi through friends, and I expressed fears of what was going on at my home. I saw the military deployed at my house within three days. They guard my home now.

I wanted to call Enanga and tell him that I am not at my home, but I am safe.

Njala: Do you have any regrets?

Kibalama: You make political mistakes here and there, and you regret it.

I am an active politician. When you head a political party, you have an urge to get more members. You allow in as many as possible.

I intended to have people come in and energize the party. I was very hopeful. Weeks later, I come to understand that I teamed up with a gang.

You call my party a briefcase party? When it came out of the briefcase, what happened?

I am also surprised, but I think the dust will settle. It is politically motivated.

Within a week, I found myself sidelined in NUP and wondered, “Is this what I negotiated for?”

I was sidelined. What can I say? Kyagulanyi and I are not friends. We are related because I belong to the Ndiga clan. I am his uncle.

I mourn because I have been let down by the people I trusted.



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