Besigye launches book ‘Uganda without Museveni’


People’s Government President Kizza Besigye Tuesday launched a book titled, “UGANDA WITHOUT MUSEVENI: Museveni’s Quest for Power, Who Pays the Price?”

The book authored by a young man Nelson Nkwene calls onto Ugandans to defiantly move away from indifference towards active discontent and actively fight oppression.

Besigye said the second and final revolution of returning power to the People of Uganda is unfinished.

Buhweju MP Mwijukye Francis and FDC Founder Chaapa Karuhanga attended the launch.

“The book is a call to move away from indifference towards active discontent as Ugandans fight oppression,” Besigye noted.

Victoria University


Forward by K K Chapaa who was a Presidential Candidate in 2001 Uganda Presidential Elections.

He is the Founder of Forum for Democratic Change (After the merger of his National Democrats Forum, Reform Agenda of Dr. Kizza Besigye and Parliamentary Advocacy Forum of Augustine Ruzindana) and is the Chairman of Serefaco Consultants Ltd.

Prefaced by Joyce Adikin Otongopendi- Clerk to National People’s Assembly.

People’s Government of Uganda and Mulindwa Walid Lubega, National Chairperson, Youth League, Forum for Democratic Change.

In this book ” Uganda Without Museveni” Nkwene makes analysis of Museveni’s quest for power, manipulations and schemes that have prolonged his rule and Insurgencies against his regime.

“My core focus is on sharing opportunities for citizens’ participation, in particular youth, at local and national levels outside established political institutions, in championing economic and socio-political transformation,” he says.

“Also, I share my thoughts on (1) Strategies to overcome political oppression, (2) Reducing the power of the oppressor, (3) new models to dismantle systems of subordination and injustice (4) concept of the right of revolution/mandate of heaven. In relation to oppression, I tell a story of Wakaima and pigs!”

The fact is that about a two-thirds of the Uganda population which is comprised of youth is face with blocked transition to adulthood due to multiple social, economic and political exclusion, Nkwene explains.

“In this regard, I make analysis of youth and politics in a contemporary society; and share youth-led collective action models that in other parts of the world have proved decisive in combating societal challenges.”

A review is made of Jinja Town―Busoga’s lost opportunity and the infamous 2009 Buganda uprising.

“Also, I make a Presentation on the cost of being a political change activist in Uganda. I further discuss how dangerous man becomes when desperate; under the topic; Ugandans are desperate for change.”

Lastly, he makes emphasis timeline of events in Uganda since 1979, when Museveni’s FRONASA and other rebel groups ousted president Idi Amin.



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