Diamond, Alicia Keys release collabo ‘wasted energy’


Tanzania Bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz has featured on American star Alicia Keys’ new album “ALICIA”.

Keys and Platnumz recorded a song titled “Wasted Energy” which was released late last week.

“Wasted Energy” is about a lover in a relationship with someone who intentionally ignores their needs and desires.

In an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, the 15-time Grammy Awards winner, said of the record:


“This is so deep. Because I feel like I have, for the first time, been most fully myself now. In the beginning, I was very myself. I really was. Although I was unsure of this crazy world that I was in and I definitely didn’t know the rules or how to do it or exactly what I was doing, I was very sure of myself. I knew that I was a young woman.

I’m boyish. I’m not trying to be all pretty and girly. I got my piano. I got my songs. I got my braids. Don’t try to make me do this. Don’t talk to me about that. Don’t bring me no flower dresses and sh-t. This is me. Take me or leave me, I don’t care.”

Diamond’s fans furious over 26-second appearance

Diamond’s fans have expressed displeasure after Keys gave the superstar 26 seconds on her album.

Diamond had hinted about this collaboration on his social media accounts, building anticipation among fans.

 “ZONE!! ZONE!! With the KING…he makes me feel like am in Tanzania now…I feel like LA is my second home already,” Diamond posted on Instagram alongside pictures of his studio session with Swizz Beats in May.

The news about the collaboration was later confirmed by World Music Manager at the Grammy Academy, Marlon Fuentes who congratulated the singer.

“Respect to SIMBA – of the biggest artists in the world by way of Tanzania! He’ll be joining the @recordingacademy soon to represent the sound and culture of today and tomorrow. The day after we took this photo, he gave an incredible show to a loving audience here in LA. The man is humble for commanding the attention of millions of fans and his work and willingness to collaborate is so real. A day before this he was in the studio with Swizz Beats and @aliciakeys. Wishing him the very best.”

The album which was released on September 18, 2020, had the WCB President featured on track four titled “Wasted Energy” where he sings in Swahili.

However, the “Lion from East Africa” only featured in the song for 26 seconds.

In February this year, Diamond was the most viewed artist in East Africa on YouTube, scooping the top ten positions of the most viewed songs on YouTube.



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