Amuriat slams arrest of writer Kakwenza


We are saddened to announce the sudden disappearance of our member and activist Mr. Kakwenza Rukirabasaija, also writer of the famous “GREEDY BARBARIAN”.

Our sources indicate that he was abducted in the wee hours of yesterday (Friday) morning from his home in Musana – Iganga by plain clothed security operatives. This is the second time he is being arrested by plain clothed CMI operatives even when the area LC1 chairman has filed several complaints over the same.

Kakwenza has been expressing his opinions though writing and his wife says it may be over another (still unpublished) book titled BANANA REPUBLIC.

His abduction therefore is because of his opposition political views and activities. This is expected to happen in any country that only dreams about democracy. We see this as an infringement on the inalienable rights of Mr. Kakweza to speak and belong to a Political Party like the FDC which isn’t an outlawed society/ group.

Victoria University

The abduction of Kakwenza is a clear depiction of what we should expect in the coming election where opposition political views will not be entertained. we strongly condemn this.

To keep him in ungazzeted sites is a pure violation of his political and human rights.

We hold Police and security organs totally responsible for the disappearance of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija because they have the duty of protecting citizens of Uganda and their properties as the law mandates them and they should never have been the perpetuators of such unlawful actions.

We will not just watch as our members and leaders are intimidated abducted, tortured, mishandled, maimed or even killed.

We therefore demand security organs such as the Uganda Police and UPDF to release Mr. Kakwenza unconditionally.

If there is any case to answer, he should be arraigned before a competent court to get justice.




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