Schools re-opened for candidates, finalists


President Museveni has ordered schools re-opened for candidates classes and finalists in universities and other higher institutions of learning.

“We have decided to reopen schools for the candidates including P7, S4, S6 and finalists in universities and tertiary universities. We believe that the number of these is small,” President Museveni said on Sunday.

“We are opening the schools because the cost of waiting will be high.”

He said if the batch of 2020 do not move on, what will happen to the batch of 2021?

Victoria University

According to Museveni, a solution for the non finalists shall be got in January 2021.

“The schools for the finalists will be open in the limited ways we have pointed out, on October 15th, 2020.”

If there are some reasons for private schools for not reopening because some private schools were doing education as a business, the Ministry of Education is already directed to expand the number of secondary schools.

The ministry of finance should meet the owners of the private schools and see how the government can come to their aid.

“We are going to consolidate distance learning. Some people say Museveni is wasting money when he is buying radios. But distance learning might have some advantages, for example by allowing good teachers to teach many.”



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