Bobi Wine: I’m taking Museveni to ICC

Bobi Wine in Mbale court

National Unity Platform [NUP] President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has vowed to take President Museveni to International Criminal Court [ICC] for crimes against humanity.

Bobi Wine who was irked by Museveni’s remarks in Masindi why he praised security for beating up the singing politician, found a new reason Wednesday when police teargased his followers in Mbale city.

Here is his statement:

Travelled throughout the night to attend court in Mbale, where we are suing the Attorney General, the RPC, DPC and other security officers for blocking us from accessing a radio station in Mbale and using excessive force against our people.


Unfortunately, yet again, the police deployed heavily and prevented us from accessing court for several hours until the people gathered in multitudes. As soon as a few of us were let in, teargas and live bullets were yet again fired to disperse the people- others were severely injured.

In a very unfortunate twist of events, the Magistrate declined to hear the matter and adjourned it sine die, ostensibly until the COVID situation normalises.

We objected to this because firstly, this is a human rights case which must be heard and determined expeditiously. Secondly, the same court has been having hearings with even more people in there.

In fact, only 10 minutes later, in the same courtroom, another matter came up and the Magistrate heard it in the same chambers with the same number of people present.

We are going to invoke some administrative remedies to see that justice is served in this case.

But President Museveni and his men must always be reminded that Ugandan courts are not the alpha and omega. That is why we are in advanced stages of ensuring that these cases are also heard by international courts and tribunals.



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