NRM CEC to interface with aspiring candidates


The NRM Secretary General Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba Sunday addressed the Media at the launch of the NRM weekly Press Briefings that will happen every Sunday at the Party Head offices in Kampala.

Present were; the Deputy Secretary General Hon Richard Todwong, Hon Peter Ogwang (State Minister for Information and ICT), Hon Mathias Kasamba (Director- Mobilisation), Hon Emmanuel Dombo (Director-Information),
Hajat Medina Naham (Director -Finance & Administration) among others.

She said on the 16th July 2020, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the National Resistance Movement sat and approved the NRM Political and Electoral Roadmap 2020/21.

Since that time, expression of interest and nomination papers have been picked, duly signed and returned for the Presidential Flag Bearer and the nine positions of the Executive Committee of NRM, namely:

Kasule Lumumba

The National Chairperson, The 1st National Vice Chairperson, The 2nd National Vice Chairperson, The Vice Chairpersons (East), The Vice Chairperson (Central), The Vice Chairperson (North), The Vice Chairperson (West), The Vice Chairperson (Kampala) and The Vice Chairperson (Karamoja).

Victoria University

The nominations for the National Political elective offices is still ongoing and the members will continuously be updated about the progress.

On 11th August 2020, CEC shall have an interactive session with candidates to the nine positions of the Executive Committee.

This will be either directly, and, or – through video conferencing.

After the interface, CEC shall make a recommendation to the National Executive Council (NEC), the names of Candidates to be forwarded to the National Conference for election to leadership positions outlined in (3) immediately above.

The National Chairperson had earlier issued Notice for the convening of the Extraordinary Meeting of the 3rd National Conference to be held at their respective District Headquarters from 18th to 20th of August 2020.

This will be as follows:

a). National Executive Council Meeting (NEC) – comprising Delegates to NEC in the respective Districts – shall meet on 18th August 2020.

NEC shall be decentralised to about 30 interactive sub regional / zones as will be announced.

Districts which are under lockdown, shall hold standalone Meetings for their NEC meetings in their Districts.

“Please note that the classification of Districts under lockdown is liable to adjustment – depending on guidance from the Ministry of Health,” Lumumba said.

NEC shall consider the recommendations from CEC, and in turn make its own recommendations to the National Conference – of the names of Candidates to be elected by the National Conference to the leadership positions outlined in (3) above.

b). Campaigns and other Preparatory Activity for the National Conference – shall be held on 19th August 2020.

The Candidates recommended by NEC to the National Conference for election, shall campaign at the party Headquarters Plot 10 under organized live broadcasts.

The final schedule shall be announced, Lumumba noted.

Members of the National Conference are enjoined to listen/watch the broadcasts.

c). National Conference – comprising Delegates to the National Conference in the respective Districts – shall be held on 20th August 2020.

The National Conference will elect the 9 Executive Committee members and the Presidential Flag Bearer by Resolution by Circulation, and there will be no assembling of members expect voting from 9Am to 3Pm, Each candidate will be entitled to two agents after voting, counting of votes will be done by the District registrar in the presence of the agents, District NRM Chairperson and Administrative Secretary.



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